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KBFUS welcomes new board member, Dr. Evaristus Mainsah

We are proud to announce that Dr. Evaristus Mainsah joined our Board of Directors.  Evaristus is General Manager, Global Asset Recovery Services at IBM Global Financing, and previously served as General Auditor for IBM.  In addition to being an arts enthusiast, he is actively involved in philanthropy through the Rosemary Educational Trust, which funds scholarships in Cameroon. Read more about our board.


Nelson Mandela Children’s Hospital receives $19k grant

With the Nelson Mandela Children’s Hospital opening later this year in Johannesburg, Mr. Mandela’s dream of creating a state-of-the-art, specialized paediatric facility is coming close to reality. The hospital, which will serve the children of Southern Africa irrespective of socio-economic status, received a $19k grant from the Nelson Mandela Children’s Hospital American Fund at KBFUS, to purchase equipment and furnishings.


ZOO Memorial Foundation brings ICT to rural Kenya

Founded in honor of engineer Zephaniah Owidi Odongo, the ZOO Memorial Foundation builds ICT centers to connect and transform under-served communities in Kenya.  A $29k grant from its ZOO Memorial Foundation Friends will enable the foundation to provide much needed computers, internet services and computer literacy training to schools and youth groups in the rural parts of the country.


Queen Elisabeth Music Chapel prepares the musical elite of tomorrow

In Waterloo, Belgium, the Queen Elisabeth Music Chapel has distinguished itself for nearly eight decades as a preeminent institution for the development of excellence and the training of exceptional young musical talents. Building upon the vision of its co-founders, it is now crossing the Atlantic and is launching the American Friends of Queen Elisabeth Music Chapel, hosted at KBFUS.


Humboldt Forum pumps new life into Berlin’s cultural scene

The Berliner Schloss – Humboldt Forum US Fund was set up to support the construction of the Berliner Schloss – Humboldt Forum, a large-scale museum housed within the façades of the Berlin Palace. It will provide a unique place for art, culture, science and learning in the center of the German capital.  This ambitious project is slated to open in 2019.


Take a ‘Peek’ at a new fund to improve access to eye care

Peek Vision, based in the United Kingdom, is a group of experienced and highly committed eye care professionals, software developers and hardware engineers.  Working with local health experts, Peek develops smartphone-based assessment tools to increase access to eye care in low and middle income countries.  Contribute to this award-winning organization through the American Friends of the Peek Vision Foundation.