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Supporting cardiovascular research at Magdi Yacoub Institute

The American Friends of Magdi Yacoub Heart Foundation made a $600,000 grant to the Magdi Yacoub Foundation (Egypt), which provides free medical services to the less privileged in Egypt and throughout the region, in the field of cardiovascular diseases. The grant will support research at Harefield Hospital’s Magdi Yacoub Institute (UK), in collaboration with the Aswan Heart Centre in Egypt.


Wrigley Fund supports environmental education

The Wrigley Global Giving Fund, a donor-advised fund at KBFUS, made a $2 million grant to the Foundation for Environmental Education (Denmark). The grant will support its Litter Less Campaign, which aims to involve 300,000 students from 600 schools in 12 countries. Each school will implement a waste management system. Students, teachers and communities will work together to achieve long-term behavioral change.


Providing a future for Kampala’s homeless children

Covenant Youth Home (Uganda) received a grant of $5,200 to support its efforts to get children off the streets of Kampala, and on the path towards a healthy, productive life. Covenant provides nutrition, counseling and education–all aimed at helping Uganda’s neediest youngsters. Help their efforts to empower Kampala’s youth for a better tomorrow through the Friends of Covenant Youth Home.


Rijksmuseum acquires ‘A Dutch girl at breakfast’

The Rijksmuseum American Fund made a $152,000 grant to the Rijksmuseum (Netherlands), to support the acquisition of an 18th century painting by Swiss artist Jean-Etienne Liotard. Created in the style of seventeenth-century masters, ‘A Dutch girl at breakfast’ is an intimate ode to Dutch Golden Age painting. This stunning new acquisition will be shown in the Rijksmuseum’s Gallery of Honor.


Fighting juvenile malnutrition in eastern DRC

Action Sociale Kesho Kongo focuses on health, education, agriculture and farming in the great lakes region of the Democratic Republic of Congo. A recent grant of $4,431 will support the manufacturing of high protein biscuits, milk, and powder from cowpeas, in an effort to prevent malnutrition in children under 10. This grant was distributed from the American Friends of Kesho Kongo.


Detecting fake news with Lie Detectors

A $91,000 grant went to support the launching of Lie Detectors (Belgium), an innovative start-up which seeks to improve news literacy, increase awareness of misinformation, and empower teens to base their choices on reliable information – without telling them what to think. Find out more and help their efforts by supporting one of KBFUS’ newest American friends funds, Friends of Lie Detectors.