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Badran Foundation provides healthcare to rural Egyptian

The Ibrahim A. Badran Foundation recently received a $35,000 grant to provide free medical services to people living in rural areas of Egypt. Named after a talented young doctor who passed away in 2014, this innovative non-profit organizes monthly medical convoys, fully equipped with tools, medications and highly trained doctors. U.S. donors can make a tax-deductible gift to the Friends of the Ibrahim A. Badran Charitable Foundation.


KIK-IRPA (Belgium) restores masterpiece of European art

The Royal Institute for Cultural Heritage (KIK-IRPA) in Brussels specializes in the study and conservation of Belgium’s artistic heritage. One of its latest projects is the restoration of the Ghent Altarpiece – aka the Adoration of the Mystic Lamb. Attributed to the brothers van Eyck, the large and complex 15th-century polyptych is considered one of the world’s great treasures. U.S. donors can now support KIK-IRPA’s remarkable work.


Georgia couple floats hope to African NGOs

Established last August by a couple from Georgia, the HopeFeathers Fund, a donor-advised fund at KBFUS, supports organizations that provide education and sustainable strategies to those in need. So far, the Fund has made grants to the Word of Faith Christian School (Ghana) to provide tuition for students unable to afford it, and to Bethel Organic Farm (Uganda) to train young women and men in sustainable farming.


METAdrasi protects refugees arriving in Greece

METAdrasi builds on its front-line presence in key entry locations to facilitate the reception and integration of refugees in Greece. The NGO implements pioneering solutions to critical problems, with a focus on unaccompanied children and other vulnerable groups, such as victims of torture and single parent families. It provides interpretation services, educational programs and work placement opportunities. You can support their humanitarian efforts through the Friends of METAdrasi.


MegaKheir accelerates gifts to Egyptian nonprofits

Established in 2013 by TA Telecom, MegaKheir Foundation invites NGOs to use its mobile technology for social impact. Its SMS donations platform enables local charities to raise funds through mobile donations. Everyday Egyptians have contributed millions US$ so far, to support forty trusted nonprofits, including the Breast Cancer Foundation of Egypt and Zewail City of Science and Technology. Support Egyptian NGOs through the Friends of MegaKheir Foundation.


Rapid-response humanitarian NGO seeks new Friends

Première Urgence Internationale specializes in supporting the victims of humanitarian crises. With programs in 21 countries, the French NGO provides a rapid global response to defend the basic human rights of civilians affected by natural disasters, war or economic collapse, and helps them regain their independence and their dignity. The Friends of Première Urgence Internationale is now open to accept tax-deductible donations from U.S. donors.