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Maryan Ainsworth joins the board of directors of KBFUS

Dr. Maryan Ainsworth is Curator of European Paintings at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Maryan is one of the leading experts on Northern Renaissance paintings, and teaches the now burgeoning field of technical art history at Barnard College and Columbia University. She also serves on the advisory committee for the restoration of the Ghent Altarpiece by Hubert and Jan van Eyck. See the full composition of our Board of Directors.


Pres. Pedro Pires expands legacy to all of Africa

Pedro Pires played a key role in ending the colonial rule of Cabo Verde, was chosen as its first head of government in 1975, and later served two terms as the country’s President. He received the Ibrahim Prize in 2011, and established the Pedro Pires Institute for Leadership. U.S. donors can support his efforts to train young leaders and consolidate the process of development of Cabo Verde and Africa through its new American friends fund.


Athens Partnership opens fund for Greek capital

The Athens Partnership was launched in 2015 to be a catalyst for innovative public programs in Athens, Greece. It builds strategic collaborations between city authorities and global philanthropic leaders, in an effort to develop creative solutions to the most pressing problems of the city. The Athens Partnership US Fund now enables U.S. donors to support actionable programs in poverty alleviation, health, education, and community development.


MAZA drives urgent health care transport in Ghana

MAZA provides reliable and affordable transportation for urgent health care needs in rural areas of Ghana. To save lives, it has built a network of local drivers and motorized tricycles linked to community members through a mobile technology platform. A $17,000 grant from its American Friends of MAZA will go towards the expansion of urgent transportation services to a second district in northern Ghana.


Mahler Chamber Orchestra plays music for the world

Founded in 1997 in Germany, the Mahler Chamber Orchestra is a nomadic collective of excellent musicians from all over Europe, acclaimed for sharing transformative concert experiences with its audiences. The newly established American Friends of the Mahler Chamber Orchestra will support the orchestra’s tours to the U.S., including a five-year residency at New York City’s Carnegie Hall with legendary pianist Mitsuko Uchida.


African Book Trust brings libraries to South Africa

The Friends of the African Book Trust granted $5,558 to support the distribution of books from African authors to libraries in South Africa. Since 2016, the African Book Trust has raised funds to purchase books for community and school libraries, which are often poorly resourced. It promotes a culture of reading, supports South African literature, and preserves local stories by making them available to the public.