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Tongerlo Last Supper Fund, american friends fund

The Search for the Last Supper – Join us on March 14

The Tongerlo Last Supper Fund was set up to support the restoration of a canvas version of da Vinci’s celebrated Last Supper fresco in Milan. The painting was executed by his studio in the early 1500s and has been housed at the Abbey of Tongerlo (Belgium) for over 450 years. Join us on March 14 in NYC for the American premiere of ‘The Search for the Last Supper’.

american friends fund

1 student + 1 skilled teacher = An incredible future

Numeric (South Africa) is on a mission to train world-class math teachers and help students excel in math. Just four out of every 100 South African students leave school on grade-level in mathematics. The Friends of Numeric granted $8,000 to support teachers who provide an additional 100 hours of mathematics instruction to over 2000 primary school children each year.

donor-advised fund

PayMob increases Egyptians’ access to cashless economy

The MetLife Foundation Financial Inclusion Fund, a donor-advised fund at KBFUS, made a $12,000 grant to PayMob Solutions, an Egyptian start-up which empowers digital financial service providers across Africa through mobile wallet technology. Its efforts are designed to increase financial inclusion among under-served populations, which are traditionally excluded from cashless payment services.

American Friends of the Santa Cecilia Orchestra, Rome

For 433 years, Santa Cecilia has brought music to your ears

Established in 1585 in Rome, the Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia is one of the oldest musical institutions in the world. Over the centuries, it has evolved from an organization of largely local musicians to a modern symphonic orchestra. The American Friends of the Santa Cecilia Orchestra, Rome granted $38,000 for its international tours, with performances in the world’s most prestigious concert halls.

Starbucks Charitable Fund, a donor-advised fund

Nurturing the human spirit – one refugee at a time

The Starbucks Charitable Fund, a donor-advised fund, granted $137,000 to the British Refugee Council, to prepare and support refugees in London towards sustainable employment. Employment is a key factor for integrating refugees. But they face a complex range of barriers to employment, including language barriers, unfamiliarity with the new culture, and lack of recognition of overseas education, skills and experience.

Société Gavigniès, donor-advised fund

The story of one woman and her love for music

Madeleine Margot, a Swiss-born pianist who moved to the Netherlands in 1934, founded the Stichting Société Gavigniès to support the art of music in general and music education in the Netherlands in particular. The Society received $50,476 from the Maurice Amado Foundation Fund, a donor-advised fund, to train music teachers and test new ideas for innovative music education in Dutch schools.