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American Friends Funds

A cost-effective solution to raise funds in the U.S.

An American friends fund at KBFUS provides European and African nonprofit organizations with a cost-effective solution – bearing the organization’s name – through which they can receive tax-deductible gifts from U.S. donors.

It is a “fiscal sponsorship fund” – an arrangement through which KBFUS “sponsors” a foreign nonprofit organization, saving them the trouble and expense of setting up their own 501(c)(3) public charity in the United States.

Over 200 foreign nonprofits already partner with us. We handle all back-office administration, including tax receipts and donor support, so they can focus on the essentials.

Want to learn more or partner with KBFUS?  Please contact us at info@kbfus.org or (212) 713-7660.


An American friends fund at KBFUS – A cost-effective solution to raise funds in the U.S.


“Working with KBFUS has been fantastic! We love their simple, straightforward platform for accepting donations from U.S. donors.”

Nana Twum-Danso, Executive Director of MAZA – Transportation Saving Lives (Ghana)


“U.S. donors contributed $80,000 to our Benaki Museum Fund in 2015 – a generous and much needed support as we strive to keep the arts a priority in Greece.”

Nikolaos Trivoulidis, Director of Development at Benaki Museum (Greece)