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How does it work?

Establishing a Legacy Fund with KBFUS

Opening a fund that meets your needs

You may establish a legacy fund to provide continued support to a favorite organization overseas, or to advance a cause that is dear to your heart, in the geographic location of your choice. You may choose for your fund to exist in perpetuity, or instruct us to spend all assets in a number of years. We will work with you to structure your fund so that it meets your needs and matches your passions.

Contributing to your fund when it makes sense for you

You can contribute to your legacy fund during your lifetime and claim an income tax deduction for such contributions. You can do so through a charitable bequest as well so that your estate can benefit from an estate tax deduction. You can also name your fund as the beneficiary of a retirement account or life insurance policy. See a brief overview of the main types of planned gifts.

Investing assets to generate revenue

The assets of your fund will be invested, under the guidance of our Investment Committee, allowing them to earn income and grow tax-free over time. When establishing your fund, you can select one of our four investment pools for the allocation of your assets, or you may recommend that their management be entrusted to an investment advisor of your choice.

Supporting the causes or organizations you cherish

Each year, we will disburse a sustainable percentage of your fund’s assets to nonprofit initiatives overseas, in line with your wishes and instructions. If your fund was established to advance a specific cause, we will identify the top nonprofits active in the designated geography and support those that achieve the greatest impact. If you intended to provide continued support to a favorite organization, we will work with that organization to identify specific initiatives to be supported.

Please contact us to open your legacy fund at KBFUS. It is a simple and straightforward process, and all you need is an initial contribution of $1,000.

Fee structure

To help us cover our operational expenses, KBFUS charges a management fee of 70 basis points – or 0.7% of the invested assets per year. This fee structure is all inclusive – there are no other legal, maintenance or investment fees involved.

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A Legacy Fund at KBFUS- Leaving a Charitable Legacy for a Favorite Cause Overseas
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