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African Prisons Project sets legal minds free

Recently featured in the Economist, the African Prisons Project brings dignity, hope and justice to prison communities in East Africa. Its Justice Changemaker Programme provides high-quality legal advice, training and education to prisoners and prison staff, to empower those most in need of justice to access it for themselves. Support their work through the African Prisons Project US Fund


Guimet Museum welcomes American friends

Founded by businessman Emile Guimet in 1879, the Guimet Museum (France) is today recognized as one of the finest museums in the world dedicated to Asian arts. The Friends of the Guimet Museum is almost 100 years old, and its 1500 members provide much needed resources for new acquisitions. U.S. members can now join through the American Friends of Guimet Museum.


Ranyaka (South Africa) transforms communities

Ranyaka Community Transformation is a social enterprise that brings sustainable, integrated solutions to the socio-economic challenges facing communities in South Africa. Rather than using a fragmented, top-down approach, Ranyaka works hand-in-hand with local actors, including residents, civil society, churches, business and government. Ranyaka currently operates in a dozen towns across eight provinces. Support their work through the FERN Ranyaka American Friends Fund.


T. Rowe Price Charitable opens donor-advised fund

T. Rowe Price Charitable is an independent, nonprofit corporation founded by T. Rowe Price to assist individuals with planning and managing their charitable giving. Thanks to its new donor-advised fund opened at KBFUS, donors with T. Rowe Price Charitable can now support their favorite charitable causes and organizations in Europe and Africa, while benefiting from lower KBFUS fees.


African Women on Board brings in new voices

Based in Nigeria, African Women on Board is a non-profit organization run by African women for African women and girls. AWB sees a world in which they are given the tools to fully realize their potential, and where African women have a stronger representation in leadership positions such as corporate boards. Support their work through the American Allies of African Women on Board.


CERN stimulates entrepreneurs’ curiosity

The CERN & Society Foundation (Switzerland) received an $81,000 grant to support its CERN Entrepreneurship Student Programme, which provides a technological dimension to the entrepreneurship training of master’s students. Ensuring that future generations of entrepreneurs are scientifically literate is key for sustainable economies and a thriving society. Help them train more students through the CERN & Society Foundation US Fund.


South African ‘Factory’ makes dreams come true

Based in South Africa, the Dream Factory Foundation is on a mission to empower youth to participate in the economy through their dreams and aspirations. Confronted with the realities of lack of access to quality education, it develops curriculum with a sense of purpose, provides employment opportunities, and launched #BeTheDream to connect learners to caring mentors. Make more dreams come true through the Dream Factory Foundation US Fund.