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Preserving the manuscripts of the ancient world

Written between the 13th and the 20th centuries, the Timbuktu Manuscripts cover topics such as art, medicine, philosophy and science. They have been preserved for centuries in private households in Timbuktu, Mali. When they were threatened during the crisis in 2012, SAVAMA-DCI organized the evacuation of hundreds of thousands of manuscripts to Bamako, where they are being researched and catalogued. Help preserve this cultural treasure through the American Friends of the Timbuktu Manuscripts.


Czech your Pride: Prague Pride fights homophobia

Prague Pride received a grant of $119,500 from the Friends of Prague Pride, to support its efforts to promote tolerance, fight homophobia, and increase public awareness of the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community in the Czech Republic. Established in 2010 to coordinate an annual LGBT human rights festival, Prague Pride is also leading a national campaign that advocates for marriage equality in the country by 2020.


Afrobarometer measures voices of African citizens

Based at the Ghana Center for Democratic Development, Afrobarometer is a pan-African research network that conducts public attitude surveys across the continent. Its aim is to give a voice to those who might not otherwise be heard, and to enable ordinary Africans to be informed about what people in their countries think about social, political, and economic issues. U.S. donors can now support their work through the Friends of Afrobarometer.


Videre exposes abuse and defends human rights

Videre est Credere, an international nonprofit based in the UK, received a $76,000 grant from its Videre est Credere US Fund, to conduct research and gather intelligence in an effort to provide civil society with information to publicly challenge racist, radical and anti-democratic narratives. Established in 2008, Videre gives local activists the equipment, training and support they need to safely capture compelling video evidence of human rights violations.


Kahawatu brings sustainability to coffee

Coffee plays a crucial role in the lives of millions of farmers in East Africa. Kahawatu —which means “People’s Coffee” in Swahili— works to empower these smallholder farmers so that they become equitable stakeholders in the coffee production and distribution industry. The Kahawatu Foundation US Fund granted $193,000 to support the economic sustainability of coffee farmers by investing in projects that promote agribusiness, community and eco-sustainable standards.


University of Helsinki studies religion and conflict resolution

Since its founding in 1640, the University of Helsinki has contributed significantly to prosperity in Finland through the power of science and research. The university received a $27,275 grant from the American Friends of the University of Helsinki, to support its Research Center Religion, Conflict and Dialogue, a new multidisciplinary research center which provides in-depth study on the role of religions in conflicts and their resolution.