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African Visionary Fund announces $1M in grants

Only 5.2% of U.S. foundation funding for Africa goes to organizations led by Africans. Proximity matters in improving lives, and African leaders who are rooted in the communities they serve are best positioned to deliver results. Hosted at KBFUS, the African Visionary Fund aims to correct this imbalance and offers unrestricted funding to high-impact organizations led by African visionaries. The Fund announced its first $1 million in grants to six organizations in Africa.  


École du Louvre (France) trains culture’s leaders

Ever since it first opened in Paris in 1882, the École du Louvre has been training the future directors and curators of museums, monuments and collections, with the aim of ensuring the preservation and transmission of cultural heritage. To assist talented students to develop such skills, you can make a contribution to the American Friends of the École du Louvre


CNN’s Marketplace Africa spotlights Kytabu (Kenya)

The Kenyan education technology platform Kytabu was featured on CNN’s Marketplace Africa. Because of school closures due to Covid-19, the need for digital education skyrocketed in 2020, and interest in Kytabu’s digital textbooks for use in classrooms spiked tenfold. Kytabu won our Brussels-based parent foundation’s Africa Prize in 2016. Support their efforts through the American Friends of Kytabu


Mars Wrigley supports Litter Less Campaign

The Mars Wrigley Foundation Fund, a donor-advised fund at KBFUS, made a $297,000 grant to the Foundation for Environmental Education (Denmark). FEE empowers people to take meaningful action to create a more sustainable world. The grant will support its Litter Less Campaign, which aims to educate students and teachers around the world about reducing litter and changing behavior over time.  


iDebate Rwanda uses debate to change lives

Founded in 2012, iDebate Rwanda is using debate to change the lives of young Rwandans. Its programs give students the tools to change their own world, by teaching them how to think critically, how to solve problems creatively, and how to impact their own communities. The iDebate Rwanda US Fund was opened to gather support for their innovative work. 


Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest opens new fund

The Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest re-opened at the end of 2018, after the most comprehensive reconstruction project in its history. Established in 1906, it is one of Europe’s most prominent museums, displaying treasures of international and Hungarian art spanning from ancient times to the end of the eighteenth century. Support the museum’s work through its new American friends fund.