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Wecyclers (Nigeria) collects African Development Prize

The King Baudouin Foundation awarded its 2019 African Development Prize to Wecyclers, a waste management start-up based in Lagos, Nigeria, the largest and fastest growing city on the African continent. Wecyclers offers convenient recycling services, giving households in low-income communities a chance to generate value from their waste. The 200,000 euros Prize will enable Wecyclers to scale up its efforts, increase its footprint, and promote its model to international audiences.


Bayerische Staatsoper receives $54,000 grant

With its rich history dating back more than 350 years, the Bavarian State Opera (Germany) significantly contributes to Munich’s reputation as one of the great cultural capitals of the world. Opened two years ago at KBFUS, its International Friends’ Circle of the Bayerische Staatsoper made a $54,000 grant to the opera, to support its efforts to trigger interest in music and opera among children from disadvantaged backgrounds.


Uganda’s IFGO gains new friends through KBFUS

The International Fund for Grassroots Organizations (IFGO – Uganda) acts as a direct link between donors and grassroots organizations in Africa, making sure that every dollar reaches local communities. Local problems such as poverty, hunger and disease are indeed best addressed by local problem-solvers, and IFGO enables donors to reach those community organizations. U.S. donors can now support their efforts through the Friends of International Fund for Grassroots Organizations.


Curing cancer with Fondation Gustave Roussy

For 70 years, the Fondation Gustave Roussy (France) has approached oncology with innovation, dynamism, cooperation and benevolence to become one of the ten world leaders in the fight against cancer. Combining research, care and teaching, Gustave Roussy specializes in complex cases and rare tumors. Its American Friends of Fondation Gustave Roussy made a $205,000 grant to support the “Curing Cancer in the 21st century” campaign.


Nigeria’s Visiola Foundation empowers girls through STEM

The Visiola Foundation (Nigeria) equips girls with skills in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM), and empowers them to use those skills to develop solutions in their communities. By doing so, Visiola supports the emergence of a new cadre of African leaders who will spur the continent’s socio-economic transformation. U.S. donors can now support its efforts through a contribution to the American Friends of the Visiola Foundation.


L’Arche supports people with intellectual disabilities 

Started by Dr. Jean Vanier in 1964, L’Arche is a global organization, active in 40 countries across the globe, where it supports people with intellectual disabilities. The Fondation Internationale de L’Arche (Switzerland) received a $168,500 grant from its American Friends of the L’Arche International Foundation, to build organizational capacity and support programs that reveal the unique gifts people with disabilities bring to the world.