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Transforming Kenya’s public libraries into inclusive spaces

Book Bunk Trust (Kenya) is convinced that public libraries should be more than just repositories – they should be sites of knowledge production, shared experiences, and cultural leadership. Book Bunk received a mandate from Nairobi city authorities to drive restoration efforts for the McMillan Memorial Library. Support the transformation of public libraries through the Friends of Book Bunk Trust.


Most charming museum in Paris seeks friend(s)

The Musee de Montmartre, located in the oldest building on the hill, is a true little jewel. At the end of 19th century, it was the residence and meeting place for artists such as Auguste Renoir and Suzanne Valadon, who held their studios there, or fauvist painter Raoul Dufy. Support the most charming museum in Paris through its American Friends of Musee de Montmartre.


South African family starts ‘Fund with a Purpose’

The Vlok family now lives in the U.S., but they never forgot their roots. After the matriarch died of cancer, they started an annual fundraiser, raising $120,000 so far for the Cancer Association of South Africa, to support pediatric cancer patients. With a donor-advised fund, your family can support a favorite cause as well – like the Vloks and their Fund with a Purpose.


Finland’s Aalto University works toward a better world

Aalto University was established in 2010 as a result of the merger of three leading Finnish universities. As a multidisciplinary community of bold thinkers, where science and art meet technology and business, Aalto University is committed to identifying and solving grand societal challenges and building an innovative future. Support their ambitious work through a contribution to the American Friends of Aalto University.


Making science fun for 10,000 students in Uganda

Fundi Bots (Uganda) promotes improved, practical science education in African schools and communities through the provision of hands-on skills and project-based training, with a strong focus on the underserved. The American Friends of Fundi Bots made a $55,000 grant to support their efforts to improve and accelerate learning outcomes in science subjects for over 10,000 students across the country.


Institut de Myologie (France) receives $488k

Located in Paris, the Institut de Myologie is an international reference center that coordinates numerous clinical studies, mainly concerning neuromuscular diseases but also muscle damage related to sports or ageing. The institute received a $488,000 grant from its American Friends of Foundation of Myology, for its efforts to bring together innovators who can improve the lives of those affected by muscular dystrophies.


KBFUS partner METAdrasi (Greece) wins Hilton Prize

KBFUS is proud to share that its partner METAdrasi – Action for Migration and Development was awarded the Conrad N. Hilton Humanitarian Prize. The Greek NGO developed pioneering programs that provide basic services to refugees and migrants—including interpretation services, legal support, certification of victims of torture, and education programs for unaccompanied children. You can make a tax-deductible donation to Friends of METAdrasi.


CAPRISA’s groundbreaking research in HIV

The main goal of CAPRISA (Centre for the AIDS Programme of Research in South Africa) is to undertake globally relevant and locally responsive research in HIV prevention and treatment. CAPRISA has received numerous awards for its groundbreaking work. Its landmark study on the antiviral microbicide tenofovir changed the HIV prevention landscape for women. Support life-saving research through the Friends of CAPRISA.


Lie Detectors exposes digital misinformation

Based in Belgium, Lie Detectors is an innovative start-up which seeks to improve news literacy, increase awareness of misinformation, and empower teens to base their choices on reliable information – without telling them what to think. Lie Detectors recently received a $547,400 grant from its Friends of Lie Detectors to further youth’s grasp of news media and promote news literacy in school curricula.


New voices enter with ‘Africa Digital Media’

Based in Kenya, the Africa Digital Media Foundation (ADMF) exists to inspire and equip Africa’s digital generation. ADMF builds capacity for the digital media ecosystem. It also provides scholarships to enable low-income students, including from refugee camps and slum communities, to enroll in programs in creative media and technology. Support creative voices through the Africa Digital Media Foundation US Fund.


Stopping oceans from becoming ‘Plastic Soup’

At the Plastic Soup Foundation, the mission is clear: “No plastic waste in our water!” Since 2011, the Dutch advocacy group has worked to put an end to the increasing amount of plastic polluting the oceans. Through its Friends of Plastic Soup Foundation, you can help their efforts to reduce single-use consumer plastics or to develop smart devices to collect plastic in waterways.


Smallest South Africans know that ‘Sesego Cares’

Sesego Cares was established in 2005 to make a sustainable difference in the lives of vulnerable people and communities in Southern Africa, especially women and children. It is using a $3,500 grant from its Friends of Sesego Foundation at KBFUS for an early childhood development and literacy program that will foster creativity in daycare centers in South Africa.