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Van Gogh lives on with new generation of experts

The Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam houses the largest collection of paintings by Vincent van Gogh, one of the world’s most famous artists. The museum will use a $370,000 grant from its Van Gogh Museum American Fund to boost its efforts to develop a new generation of experts in the life and work of the artist.


Funding South Africa’s response to COVID-19

Thanks to the Pfizer Foundation, the Caterpillar Foundation and Makena Capital, KBFUS facilitated three grants, totaling $810,000, to South Africa’s Solidarity Response Fund. The Fund mobilizes South Africans to act to stop the virus, and provides medical care and social services to those affected by the pandemic. See our COVID-19 Emergency Response Funds for Africa.


ALMA expands opportunities to Greeks with disabilities

Greece’s Pan-Hellenic Association of Adapted Activities “ALMA” was created by a team of scientists of various specialties to develop creative solutions to provide education and employment to people with autism or mental disabilities. ALMA stimulates their psycho-social development and their integration into a society of equal opportunities. Support their efforts through the American Friends of ALMA.


Now open: Friends of the African Culture Fund

Headquartered in Mali, the African Culture Fund is a bold, pan-African initiative which supports innovative artistic projects. Doing so, it aims to establish new narratives of positive social change, and enable the continent to take its rightful place on the world stage celebrating its diverse culture. Support Africa’s creative sector through the Friends of the African Culture Fund.


Wellbeing brings peace to social changemakers

Based in France, the Wellbeing Project supports a vast community of social changemakers with their wellbeing and mental health, while they tackle some of the world’s biggest and most complex social issues. Responding to deep seated fault lines such as inequality and discrimination, Wellbeing launched a series of new initiatives. Support social changemakers through the American Friends of Wellbeing Fund.


Kyaninga empowers Ugandans with disabilities

Kyaninga Child Development Centre (Uganda) provides much-needed specialized, high quality and affordable treatment to children with disabilities, enabling them to lead more independent lives. It received $50,000 from its Friends of Kyaninga CDC to produce wheelchairs, mobility equipment and prosthetic implants. The grant will also create employment for people with disabilities in the country.