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Gazeta Wyborcza supports independent journalism

Created by the founders of Polish democracy 30 years ago, Gazeta Wyborcza is the most important quality daily in Poland. Its Gazeta Wyborcza Foundation promotes media freedom and integrity, and supports the development of independent journalism. It recently received $47,500 from its Gazeta Wyborcza Foundation US Fund for its efforts to provide free quality information. 


A bountiful harvest changes lives in DR Congo

Mavuno, the Swahili word for harvest, is pioneering a model of grassroots business development in eastern Congo.  Through training programs in improved and sustainable agricultural techniques, Mavuno empowers local smallholder farmers and turns them into ‘agripreneurs’ – thus igniting economic development in the region.  Support locally-led agribusiness development in DR Congo through Mavuno’s American Friends Fund


LSHTM tackles pandemics and chronic diseases

The London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine (LSHTM) is one of the world’s leading centers for research and postgraduate studies in public and global health. Its 3,000+ staff conducts research in more than 100 countries – tackling threats of pandemics and a rising tide of chronic diseases, and working to improve access to healthcare. Supports its work through the American Friends of LSHTM


Nigeria’s Visiola nurtures STEM leaders

The Visiola Foundation empowers talented African girls through mentoring and training in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). It aims to increase the number of female entrepreneurs with technical skills to lead Africa’s long-term socioeconomic transformation.  A $4,398 grant from its American Friends of the Visiola Foundation will be used to provide virtual learning opportunities for students from low-income households. 


Painting at Milan’s Brera gets makeover

Founded by Napoleon in 1809, the Pinacoteca di Brera in Milan is one of Italy’s most important national museums and is among the world’s leading museums of Renaissance art. Its American Friends of Brera disbursed a $95,000 grant for the restoration of the Dispute of the Doctors of the Church, a 16th-century painting by Girolamo Genga.


DEVLINK amplifies voice of Kenya’s rural communities

Working in partnership with local authorities, the Development Knowledge Link-Africa (DEVLINK) develops people-centered, community-driven initiatives in rural communities in western Kenya.  DEVLINK promotes the rights of its most vulnerable members, with special emphasis on healthcare, education and dignified livelihoods.  The DEVLINK US Fund gathers support for its efforts to build a just society for all.