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Call open for next KBF Africa Prize

An initiative of our Brussels-based parent foundation, the KBF Africa Prize rewards outstanding contributions to development in Africa, initiated and led by Africans. Beyond its monetary value of 200,000 euros, the Prize offers its winners unique opportunities to promote their cause across Europe and the United States. The deadline for nominations is April 6, 2020. Check out the latest Prize winner.


Mars Wrigley Foundation Fund grants $258,950

The Mars Wrigley Foundation Fund, a donor-advised fund at KBFUS, made several grants to community-based organizations in Europe. Special Olympics Deutschland was awarded $86k to improve access for people with intellectually disabilities in Germany; the Irish Dental Association received $33k to provide dental services in underserved areas; and An Taisce – The National Trust for Ireland used its $140k for an anti-litter campaign.


Tech ME closes Nigeria’s tech gender gap

With a 4:1 male to female workers ratio, Nigeria’s growing technology industry has a gender challenge. Tech ME, based in Lagos, strives to close that gap by preparing women to become tech business owners. More than 200 women have benefitted from its ICT entrepreneurship training so far, and 75 new businesses were created. Support their efforts through the Tech ME US Fund.


Van Gogh Museum develops new cadre

Based in Amsterdam, the Van Gogh Museum is home to the largest collection of paintings by Vincent van Gogh, one of the world’s most famous artists. The Museum makes his life and work accessible to as many people as possible. Through its Van Gogh Museum American Fund, it received $99,000 to develop a new generation of experts on the artist.


University of Cape Town opens new fund

The University of Cape Town (UCT) is South Africa’s oldest university. It is also one of the leading research-intensive universities on the African continent. UCT inspires creativity through outstanding achievements in learning, discovery and citizenship; advances a more equitable and sustainable social order; and influences the global higher education landscape. U.S. based supporters can now join other ‘Friends of UCT’.


Nouvelles-Découvertes fosters global citizenry

Nouvelles-Découvertes (also known as News-Decoder) is a global educational news service for young people. Based in France, it partners with schools around the world. It received $90k from its American Friends of News-Decoder to foster global citizenship education among young people – enabling them to think critically and solve problems; increase their appreciation of diversity; and develop their skills to communicate to global audiences.