Myriad unlocks the full potential of international philanthropy

Myriad: Alliance for Borderless Giving

KBFUS is a founding member of Myriad, the alliance for borderless giving – a partnership between the King Baudouin Foundation, Give2Asia, and their global affiliates. The alliance removes the significant logistical and compliance barriers donors face when supporting nonprofit initiatives overseas. With Myriad, donors on four continents can support charities around the globe, with the same services and fees – and with local tax benefits.

Current members of Myriad:

KBF (Brussels, Belgium): Serving donors in Belgium and across Europe together with the Transnational Giving Europe network.

KBFUS (New York, NY, USA): Serving donors in the USA, supporting charities based overseas.

KBF Canada (Montreal, Canada): Serving donors in Canada to develop and manage projects internationally.

Give2Asia (Oakland, CA, USA): Serving donors in the USA, supporting charities in 23 countries across the Asia-Pacific.

Give2Asia Foundation Ltd (Hong Kong SAR, PRC): Serving donors giving internationally from Hong Kong SAR, PRC.

Give2Asia Australia (Melbourne, Australia): Serving Australian donors seeking to support poverty alleviation and other causes internationally.

For more information, see If you have further questions about the alliance, contact us at +1 (212) 713 7660 or email [email protected].